NWGCCA is pleased to introduce the Advanced Manufacturing and Business Academy.
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Friday, January 08, 2016
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Did you know that the Northwest Georgia Region is the global leader in the floor covering industry?

NWGCCA Advanced Manufacturing and Business Academy

Did you know that the Northwest Georgia region is the global leader in the floor covering industry?  And that 85% percent of all carpet manufactured in the U.S. is produced in Georgia? With this strong industry, along with a variety of other supplier industries that have been built to support floorcovering needs, we have a tremendous amount of manufacturing career opportunities right in our back yard.

The floorcovering industry is continually evolving and innovating and is in need of a highly skilled workforce that can contribute to the fast-paced growth. It is because of this need that the Advanced Manufacturing and Business Academy (AMBA) was developed.

The Advanced Manufacturing and Business Academy is a curriculum designed to prepare students for a progressive career in the manufacturing industry. Students will gain foundational knowledge that will allow them to achieve both required certifications and college credits that will accelerate entry into the various manufacturing career opportunities – immediately after high school or after pursuing further education at a technical college or four-year university.

The AMBA offers three paths of interest that can prepare you for jobs such as: figuring out how to get the right product to the right place at the right time; looking at ways to make manufacturing processes more efficient; repairing computer-based machinery; advertising and promoting a product with websites, brochures and other sales tools; designing the actual product; using computer coding to set up a new machine; and so much more.

After two years of core courses applicable to a variety of manufacturing fields, students can select one of the three areas of concentration below and from there they can begin to focus on the part of the path that interests them most.


·        Mechatronics

·        Electronics

·        Manufacturing Systems

·        Engineering & Technology

·        Chemical

·        Welding



·        Distribution & Logistics

·        Automobile Service Technology


Corporate Administration

·        Information Technology

·        Networking

·        Information Support Services

·        Marketing Communications & Promotions

·        Business Accounting

·        Graphic Design & Communications


To learn more about the program, visit or click on the link below for an application.

If you would like to enroll a student in this program, please contact David Moeller or Sharon Conway at 706-876-3600.

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