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Conway, Sharon Assistant Principal
Hayes, Brad Assistant Principal

Abney, Billie Science Teacher
Alexander, Chris Automotives Instructor
Andrews, Teresa Healthcare Science Teacher
Bailey, Jackie Math/Director of On-Line Academy
Bates, Patrick PHS and NWGACCA Media Specialist
Bonifacious, Sharon Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper
Brice, Michelle Science Teacher
Brown, Valerie Math Teacher
Conway, Sharon Assistant Principal
Crumbley, Laura Programming Instructor
Groves, Kris Secretary / Data Clerk
Hambright, Jennifer Attendance/ Discipline/ Facilities Clerk
Hambrock, Lorraine Science Teacher
Hayes, Brad Assistant Principal
Hensley, Jeff Math Teacher
Holloway, Cody Mechatronics Instructor
Lenahan, Marney Culinary Instructor
Lokey, Jodi Healthcare Teacher
Martinez, Rosa Front Office Clerk
Parham, Treasure Special Education Teacher
Pedulla, David Math Teacher
Pilcher, Jason Law & Justice Teacher
Storey, Jeff Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Walters, Emily School Counselor